Our features

AR Heroes

Display a lifesize version of your Hero

Make Alliances

Unite with fellow players for mutual advantages

Occupy land

Claim territory, defend from invaders, and/or attack other players on the map


Craft weapons and armor, fashion clothing, teach, or tattoo

Our features


Greatest heroes in arena get rewarded


Improving skills, learning to prepare for fights


Crafting items


Earns fractions of a token every second

Augmented reality arena

  • Master your heroes abilities, choose the best strategies and items to outsmart opponents in 1v1 or team vs team fights.
  • Select the best hero with the correct skills to gain an advantage over your opponent.
  • Climb the leaderboard and claim your champion’s title.


  • Improve your hero’s skills
  • Unlock new abilities and magical powers
  • Train other heroes and get rewarded


  • Unlock new and rare items and dominate the arena.
  • Explore various types of weapons, armor and clothing.
  • Trade and sell items to other players.

Unlock the next era

  • Change game’s era
  • Experience new features, items and secrets
  • Unique heroes, different looks and attributes